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Login to U3A.NZ Administration

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The UserName and/or Password has not been found. Please try again.

This is the page where U3A members can login and make changes to the information that appears on their U3A Home Page.
The UserName and Password have been issued to each U3A. If you have forgotten either of these you can use the Contact button above to email the U3A.NZ development team.
Once you have logged in you can make changes. Since these changes are stored in an online database it is only possible for one U3A member from each U3A to be logged in at one time. This is to avoid changes from becoming confused.
If you are logged in and do nothing for ten minutes you will be logged off automatically. You will be given a warning welll in advance that this is going to happen. You can reset the clock by making a change or choosing a different option in the menu.
Your name is not recorded but is used only to inform other members of your U3A who are trying to login that you are currently logged in.  
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