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Retired or Semi-retired?

U3A could be just the thing!

Meet new people

Make new friends

Have fun while learning new skills

U3A is a world wide movement bringing THIRD AGERS together


U3A SPOTLIGHT - Whakatane U3A The Waioeke Journey

Curious Minds U3A Canterbury Network Event 2018


What is U3A?

While U3A stands for University of the Third Age. We are not in modern sense a University.

No qualifications - no exams.

What is U3A

U3A History

U3A Concept

Hear Great Speakers

NZ cities have a bigger talent pool of speakers available for monthly meetings. In smaller centres U3A may have outings to local businesses and organised events. 

The AUCKLAND NETWORK consisting of 25 U3A are holding an event Celebrating U3A 2018>

Interest Groups

Each U3A will have its own selection of Study or Interest Groups depending on members interests.

Explore the range of subjects where one would like to participate. Ideas can also come from Newsletters which have been uploaded to Local U3A here>

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